Saving Lincoln

6 11 2012

A while back, I was contacted by a screenwriter working on this project. I don’t think she was quite satisfied with my opinion regarding Lincoln and soldiers returning from Bull Run. But they seem to have endeavored to persevere despite the withholding of my imprimatur for the proposed scene.



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6 11 2012
Terry Johnston

Endeavor to persevere. Josey Wales fan?


6 11 2012
Harry Smeltzer

You betcha!


6 11 2012

Oddly, Tom Amandes, who plays Lincoln, is one of my favorite actors. And Creed from The Office plays Charles Sumner because why not? This could be entertainingish.


7 11 2012
Ward Hill Lamon (@SavingLincoln)

Good afternoon, Harry. As one of the very few to have already seen Saving Lincoln, and as a friend of its writer, Mrs. Nina Davidovich Litvak, I can report that your opinion was heeded. A proposed scene was dropped, and replaced by another based on the stereograph of Mrs. Judith Henry’s despoiled house at Bull Run. (

And here is the part that would have tickled Mr. Lincoln most: it was only AFTER the photograph was chosen that the filmmakers learned of Mrs. Henry’s name, which amazed them because Nina’s mother is named…Judith Henry!


8 11 2012

Bummer wants to acknowledge Sal Litvak’s journey into a seldom explored
character in Lincoln’s life. Most know Lamon’s association with the president, but few may be familiar with the journal.



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