New Original Artwork on “Civil War Monitor”

2 03 2012

Friend Terry Johnston sent me an image of the cover of the new, 3rd issue of The Civil War Monitor. It features one of Daniel Tyler’s brigade commanders. Here it is (click it for a bigger image):

I love this stuff. It really sets Civil War Monitor apart. I know it has to be expensive and maybe we can’t expect to see it on every issue, but I really, really like it.



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2 03 2012

I agree. This matches similar artwork on the first cover. I don’t know if they are going for a retro look, but the art has some hints of the 1960s. It’s almost the Centennial, but with a new twist for the Sesqui!


2 03 2012
Terry Johnston


Thanks for the promo. Guess we’ll need to do this regularly. Got to keep you happy!

Ron: No such retro look intended. Though I’m definitely now seeing what you mean.


5 03 2012
Andy Hall

It really sets Civil War Monitor apart.

Exactly so. This one’s especially good capturing a certain, um, psychotic aura that Sherman seems to embody for some of his detractors. Well done.


15 01 2014

Thank you for the awesome post. I’m always curious about what other modern artists like myself are interested in.


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