First Bull Run Orders of Battle

23 02 2012

Just a reminder: the Orders of Battle (OOB) in the Resources section of this site are maps to most of the primary data on this site. If you’re looking for info on a particular unit, find them on the OOB, and if there is anything on the site for them you’ll find the links. There are some mistakes in my OOBs that I haven’t got around to fixing yet – spelling, first names and such for the most part. I plan to have pages for each command at some point, with a deeper roster of officers to company level, unit histories, etc. But my friend across the pond Jonathan Soffe has a great resource at Be sure to check it out and verify info you may find here. If you discover we are at odds, let me know.



One response

23 02 2012
Jonathan Soffe

Hi Harry,
Firstly congratulations on your 500 000 visitors! Very impressive. Just wanted to say thanks for the mention. I’ve updated various units information ie 69th NYSM officers and 82nd Virginia Militia and have a list of reserves that arrived late on 21 and 22 July. Its great finding cross references such as the Sumter Flying Artillery arrived on the 22 July as did the 9th Georgia Infantry whose Company A was transferred to artillery as the Irvin Artillery and was attached to the 11th Georgia Battalion Artillery as were the Sumter Flying Artillery!
Thanks Jonathan


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