Old Timey Civil War

6 10 2011

Check this out – old-timey Jackson at Bull Run! Damn those Mississippi troops, and that big baby Bee, and that gold-bricking A. P. Hill! Kill ’em, kill ’em all!!!!

Jeez, those are some mighty stentorian tones coming from a guy drowning in his own lungs, no?

Actually, this old recording indicates that in some circles Stonewall studies haven’t progressed much over the years.

Big hat tip to friend Robert Moore.



4 responses

6 10 2011
Robert Moore

Glad you posted, as the first thing that came to mind when I started listening was… “Harry’s gotta hear this.” I’m going to do a little more work on the piece, but it’s interesting stuff. Sure, melodramatic, but, that’s 1950s radio for ya. Not much different from what one would find in other history-focused radio presentations for the time. Interesting to hear that “Jim” made it in there, especially for 1951. Another positive nod to the producers for basing it on some good source material (James Power Smith) and that they didn’t wing history in the extreme sense. Did anyone else find Jackson’s voice sounding very much like TJJ in Gods & Generals?


6 10 2011
Harry Smeltzer

Yep – in fact, I could here this guy saying “Welcome to Terra Nova”;-)

I could also imagine little Southron infants being rocked gently to sleep to this radio program, a 1950’s version of Baby Mozart.


6 10 2011

Thanks Rob & Harry…How the world has changed since then. Old radio shows are such a time capsule of the period.Brought back some fond memories of a simpler…and also less informed time…we took everything as if it was written tin stone. Poor Bee…just doesn’t catch a break. Will have to order the CD..I picked up the classic Gettysburg-You are there 2 Record set years ago at a church book fair…still have to get a record player so I can listen to it.
I thought Jackson’s voice sounded like a chiseled grey haired actor ( western/historical /crime drama) from that time period..I tried finding his image to get his name but failed…
Thanks again for posting
Brian K


7 10 2011
Meg Thompson

oh my! this is wonderful–not great history, necessarily, but I got goosebumps. Makes me nostalgic–not sure just what for, but nostalgic, still.


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