Coming Up…

27 09 2011

OK, some things in the works:

Notes on Canonicus. That is, what’s a Canonicus?

A couple of interviews in the works, one with the author of a new book on a lesser known fight involving USCT, and one with the author of a book detailing the statistics and methodology behind his earlier history of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Yes, I will be contributing to the new Civil War Monitor blog, The Front Line. I think I’ll discuss McDowell’s plans (plural) of operations for the march on Manassas, and his subsequent explanations of those plans and explanations for their failure, all of which, when taken together, are to say the least contradictory. Yet they have been pretty much accepted, uncritically, for 150 years. Now, that sounds like I’ll be writing a long piece, but I really think original content pieces lose their pop after about 1,000 words on the web. So it will be short, but will include lots of hyperlinks to resources – and perhaps a few articles – here on Bull Runnings.

Lots more Rhode Island stuff coming up.

I’m also reviewing a manuscript for a friend, and have had the thing for too long. The new job has been taking up a lot of what used to be my free time, but that’s calming down now. A new pair of glasses specifically for working on my computer is really helping out, too. I promise to do a better job with my hobby – I appreciate everyone’s patience.



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