21 08 2011

I tell ya – I go away for a week and this place goes to hell! Hits counter tells me Bull Runnings has been a ghost town in my absence.

Well, I’m back and hope to get to regular postings very soon. In the mean time, John Hennessy has this very interesting post that brings into some question the Benson-Rice story I wrote about here.

Also see part 3 of Gettysburg Daily’s coverage of the Bull Run sesqui events (links to the first two parts are also provided therein).

And Craig swain has this Bull Run post over at To the Sound of the Guns.

And check out this series of illustrated maps and paintings of Bull Run by commenter Brian Kammerer – remeniscent of the American Heritage Golden Book of the Civil War (hat tip to John Hennessy).



2 responses

22 08 2011
Brian Kammerer

Welcome back. Interesting post on Amos Benson and Rice. These post battle accounts really put a face on the battle and just how horrific it was. Thank you to this blog and the NPS Historians like John Hennessy who keep adding to our knowledge and understanding.Henry Elliott of the Manassas National Battlefield Park was of great help to me in my topographical research on Manassas. Every little bit helps.
Brian k


22 08 2011
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks Brian.


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