Allen Guelzo’s Take on Meade

3 07 2011

Photo from my seat during the presentation

OK, I’m back from my gigs in Gettysburg. I’ll post more about them later. Right now I want to provide a link to a talk given on Friday, July 1, by Prof. Allen Guelzo as part of the Gettysburg Foundation’s Sacred Trust speaker’s series, the same program on which I spoke the following day. You may find Guelzo’s take on Goerge Gordon Meade interesting, if not controversial. I disagree with it wholeheartedly, but it’s worth a listen. The talk was recorded by the Weider History Group and is posted on their website in multiple parts. Here’s the first:

The rest can be found here:



4 responses

3 07 2011
Brad Forbush

Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed it and wouldn’t have known about it without your post. I also got to see one of the Gettysburg walks on PCN-TV, because of your announcement about that. (Oak Ridge, is my particular interest).

Being a great distance away, I appreciate your efforts to promote these resources.
Best wishes
Brad Forbush


5 07 2011
Bull Runnings Goes to Gettysburg « Bull Runnings

[…] tour I had lunch with friend Dana Shoaf, then headed up to the Visitor’s Center to take in a Gettysburg Foundation Sacred Trust talk by Dr. Allen Guelzo. I decided that, despite some great offers to join folks later in the evening for a few […]


8 07 2011
Larry Freiheit

I wonder what the dust up was with a questioner?


11 07 2011
Harry Smeltzer

Larry, given what the Prof had to say I wonder how you could wonder what the dust up may have been.


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