Bull Runnings on Civil War Memory

25 05 2011

Kevin Levin has some nice comments on the new issue of the journal Civil War History and the inaugural Historians’ Forum in which I participated.

As I write this I realize that I haven’t mentioned the publication of this article yet here on the blog, so look for that as well as the contents of this issue of the journal in the days ahead.

Thanks Kevin! Check it out on Civil War Memory.

Back From the Vale

25 05 2011

Last Thursday evening I presented The First Gun at Bull Run, a program on Peter Conover Hains, to the good folks at the Rufus Barringer Civil War Roundtable in Pinehurst, NC. This was the first of three presentations I’ll be giving through Julne 14, and it went off pretty well. There were some paper rustling moments I wasn’t real happy with, but hopefully I can rearrange my outline to avoid a repeat in DC on June 6.

Thanks to host Teej Smith for the wonderful hospitality shown on Thursday and Friday – perfect walkin’ ’round weather for Chapel Hill. Also thanks to RBCWRT president Frank Jones and everyone at the meeting for a fine event.

Social Media Update

25 05 2011

In addition to feed readers, bookmarks, search engines, and good old-fashioned typing in the URL to the browser, some folks choose to follow Bull Runnings via social networks Facebook and Twitter. Right now we have 260 followers on Facebook, and 88 on Twitter. Not only are these other ways to be notified of new posts here (you’ll still need to come here to read them, of course), but on occasion I’ll post items to those forums that I don’t post here.

If you’re interested in following Bull Runnings in a slightly different way and you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account, you can use the links in the column to the right to follow us there!