New Gettysburg Movie on “History”

5 05 2011

Gettysburg is a 2-hour History special that kicks off a week of programming commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

Executive produced by Ridley and Tony Scott, this special strips away the romanticized veneer of the Civil War. It presents the pivotal battle of Gettysburg in a new light: as a visceral, terrifying and deeply personal experience, fought by men with everything on the line. Compelling CGI  and powerful action footage place viewers in the midst of the fighting, delivering both an emotional cinematic experience and an information packed look at the turning points, strategic decisions, technology and little known facts surrounding the greatest engagement ever fought on American soil.

The special begins in the high stakes summer of 1863, as the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia crosses into Pennsylvania.   Trailed by the Union’s Army of the Potomac, Lee¹s 75,000 strong army heads towards Harrisburg, converging instead near a quiet farm town, Gettysburg.  Known then only as a crossroads where ten roads running in all directions converge like a wagon wheel, this small town would become site of an epic battle between North and South.  For three days, each side fought there for their vision of what America should be.

In collaboration with highly esteemed Civil War historians, History combed through hundreds of individual accounts of the battle to find the unique voices of struggle, defeat and triumph that tell the larger story of a bitterly conflicted nation.

This program is set to air Monday, May 30th at 9 PM. For more info, see here.

OK, I’m a little concerned about those crossed muskets on the Hardee hat. But I’m willing to put up with little things like that if it’s a good flick. I’ve seen two too many movies  Stitch Nazis love that were just horrible cinematic experiences. The Scotts are Oscar winners. And I love the use of this song in the trailer – always thought it would fit an ACW soundtrack.

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5 05 2011
Will Hickox

I guess I am just not as optimistic as others whenever a new Civil War film is released. Given the track record of both Ridley Scott and the History Channel, I’m thinking of playing a drinking game: every time I spot a historical error, I take a swig of beer. I’m guessing I’ll be smashed by the first commercial break.

5 05 2011
Harry Smeltzer

Have the Scotts worked on a non-fiction bit before?

11 05 2011
Will Hickox

I didn’t realize before that this was meant as a non-fiction film; I was thinking of the schlock history they portrayed in “Gladiator.” By the way, can anyone tell me where on the Gettysburg battlefield I can find that high wall the muttonchopped Feds are jumping over?

5 05 2011
Eric Swanger

I am skeptical myself on this one. But the trailer (except for the song – sorry, just not a Placebo fan :) ) looks great. Ever since Saving Private Ryan came out, I wanted there to be a CW movie made in a similar and appropriate fashion. Gettysburg wasn’t bad, but was fairly silly. G&G was just ridiculously ridiculous.

There are other CW movies that the stitch counters like. Wicked Spring isn’t bad and the uniforms are spot on (the acting isn’t great, but how many indy flicks have good acting?).

I couldn’t tell by the press release if this is a documentary or an actual movie. Also, quite worried about the “compelling CGI.” Usually CGI is distracting and unintentionally hilarious/sad.

But here’s hoping, right?


6 05 2011
Harry Smeltzer

That song will always be a Kate Bush song to me – but then, I’m old.

6 05 2011
D. McCook

I applaud the Scotts for jumping on the Sesqui-Film train…

But I had to stop watching halfway through the promo.
It is my belief that there is an unwritten rule among Hollywood’s “best” that they simply are not ALLOWED to create an authentic Civil War film.
I am hoping HBO’s To Appomattox does better…though I won’t do the old proverbial ‘holding of breath’

6 05 2011
Harry Smeltzer

What made you stop watching?

6 05 2011
D. McCook

the galloping man on foot firing multiple times out of the same musket, the shoulder length hollywood rebel hair, the polyester jackets, the hats, everything about the uniforms really…

But I suppose I’m one of those evil stitch counters…

6 05 2011
Harry Smeltzer

I noticed the sidestepping multi-firer. Can’t claim to be good enough to ID polyester onscreen. I’ll take your word on that.

I was also under the impression that the Iron Brigade had done away with the gaiters by G’burg.

But I’m willing to withhold judgment ’til I see the product.

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6 05 2011
Chris Evans

I hope it is better than the Military channel’s horrendous documentary on ‘Gettysburg’. That was truly awful despite having people like D. Scott Hartwig in it.


6 05 2011
America’s Civil War July 2011 « Bull Runnings

[…] Scott brothers’ Gettysburg Movie […]

9 05 2011
Ann Marie Cancro

Why didn’t these film makers put their money into helping Ron Maxwell produce Gods and Generals? I will probably watch this movie. But it seems the battles after Gettysburg will never get their just recognition.

13 05 2011

Who in the hell are the Federals charging after? They did a lot of holding and lot of running, but not a lot of charging, and where did that granite peak in the opening scene come from? When does Mel Gibson show up?

13 05 2011

Maybe General Meade and General Lee will go at each other with tomahawks and broadswords along the Emmittsburg Road.

25 05 2011
Clinton McDonald

what is the song that plays in this

25 05 2011
Harry Smeltzer

That’s a cover of an old Kate Bush song, “Running Up That Hill”.

26 05 2011
see saw

—Endless retreads from capstone sycophant Scott.

Meanwhile, the 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, and last year 60th Anniversaries
of the genuinely, indeed urgently relevant (eugenics/treason/globalism)
KOREAN WAR were, one and all, ‘mysteriously overlooked’.

3 01 2012

Living in Australia we are a little cut off from the mainstream Civil War documentries, however I was told this movie was on pay TV here in Oz, however I missed it when it screened. I therefore purchased a copy. Waste of money, maybe. Again having an avid interest in the ACW and as it has been mentioned before, way too many inaccuracies. For anyone with an interest in the ACW or the battle of Gettysburg for that matter, it does fall short of a factual portrayal but the worryng part is if this is a person’s first taste of civil war battles and how they actually happened, I thik they would go back to finding Wally.

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