Preview – John Hoptak: “The Battle of South Mountain”

12 02 2011

Ranger, blogger and author John Hoptak has published The Battle of South Mountain with The History Press.  It’s 182 pages of text plus 13 pages of notes, a bibliography, full index and orders of battle. Two things I notice off the bat are Ezra Carman’s history of the Maryland Campaign is listed as a primary source (I’m not sure it is), and John is a little ambiguous about the timing of McClellan’s telegram to Washington communicating the finding of SO 191. Maybe he’ll comment here.

The book has lots of photos and illustrations and tres cool maps by Ranger Mannie Gentile. You can read a little more about it at John’s blog.



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12 02 2011
John Hoptak

Hey Harry
Thanks for the sneak peak/preview.
I really tried to downplay the significance of 191 since it has been exaggerated and since there would have still have been a battle at South Mountain, with or without it. I also tried to show it more as a detriment to Mac than an advantage, not for what it revealed but rather for what it did not.

Hope you enjoy. And, yes, Mannie’s maps are “tres cool.”


13 02 2011
Rea Andrew Redd

Is it possible to get a review copy for Civil War Librarian?
Also, a buddy of mine took four guided tours of Antietam last year.
This year we are looking for a guided tour of South Mountain and another of Harper’s Ferry and Shepardstown.
Are you available?

Ree Andrew Redd


13 02 2011
Rea Andrew Redd

Opps! Thought I was on John Hoptak’s site when I left the message.
Bill Gates ‘Vista’ : (


11 06 2011
Civil War Times August 2011 « Bull Runnings

[…] The Battle of South Mountain, John David Hoptak […]


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