“The Conspirator” Trailer

27 01 2011

It looks like Robert Redford’s The Conspirator will be making its debut on tax day, April 15, 2011.  Here’s the trailer (hat tip to Hop Tak):

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7 responses

27 01 2011
Jacob Dinkelaker

Hmm….I’m just spitballing here, but I don’t think they were really going for the whole tax-day association so much as it being the day of Lincoln’s death…(hat tip to Hoptak as well)

27 01 2011
Harry Smeltzer

Jacob, you’ve got to learn to expect the unexpected here at Bull Runnings.

27 01 2011
Jacob Dinkelaker

OK, fair enough.

27 01 2011
Dick Stanley

Tax day. Heh. The trailer looks sympathetic to the hanged. I suppose that’s fair.

27 01 2011
Chris Evans

Interesting. Thanks for posting.

28 01 2011
Susan Evelyn McDowell Cole

I think I will try to see the movie. Kevin Kline as Stanton? That ought to be worth five bucks alone!

Susan Evelyn McDowell Cole

1 02 2011
Lyle Smith

This trailer strikes me as maybe a wee bit political… as in military trials or no way to handle civilian terrorists, i.e. belligerent non-combatants. Someone behind this doesn’t like their Gitmo, I think.

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