Patrick Clooney of Co. K, 69th NYSM

23 01 2011

Is the man seated on the left Patrick Clooney? Photo from LOC

Brian Downey has posted a biographical sketch of a member of Thomas Francis Meagher’s company of the 69th New York State Militia.  Check it out.



4 responses

23 01 2011
Dick Stanley

Interesting hat. Don’t see any hair. Was he bald?


23 01 2011
Harry Smeltzer

You’d be better off asking that question of Brian.


24 01 2011

Hi fellas and thanks, Harry, for the pointer.

At just over 22 years old, I hope Clooney wasn’t bald! Hat? How about that shirt/blouse/jacket thing with the stripes?

I am not certain that the man at left front is Clooney. There’s a good chance … but also conflicting stories. I’m getting some help from our Irish friends, too.

He might as easily be the quartermaster from the 63rd NY named Philip O’Hanlon, or maybe James McCormick, who replaced him as QM after O’Hanlon was discharged about a month after the photo was taken.

I’m going to need a photo of one of these guys from another source, or some other specific evidence, I’m thinking, to get to an ID.


26 01 2011
Dick Stanley

The shirt’s cool, but the hat (wonder if it was green, eh) makes him look (to me) like a porky leprecan


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