A List With My Name On It

21 01 2011

OK – Bull Runnings is on another “top” list for Civil War blogs.  I don’t mean to be cavalier about these things, but I’m not sure why I’m on this or any other list – I don’t know the methodologies behind the selections or the motivations of the selectors.  But they have at least taken the time to compile the list, and I should at least take the time to acknowledge it.  There were a few blogs I expected to see on the list and saw,  a few I expected to see and didn’t see, and a few I didn’t expect to see and saw. But check it out – you may be turned on to something you didn’t know about.



3 responses

21 01 2011
Jim Rosebrock

Mine was on the list and it would fall in your category of “I didn’t expect to see and saw.” Hope to see you soon.


22 01 2011
Nick Kurtz

I agree, I was surprised to see mine on there. I just haven’t had the time lately to do much anymore.


23 01 2011

Hi Harry,

It was nice to see Civil War Memory on the list as well, but this is a marketing scheme. It’s an easy way for an Online “school” to bring visitors to their site. Just be very careful when applying third-party code to your blog. The code itself may damage your site and these badges almost always slow down the load time of the home page.


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