Dana Shoaf on the Confederate Soldier

2 01 2011

Here’s Civil War Times editor Dana Shoaf on the Confederate Soldier:

See here.



2 responses

2 01 2011
Dick Stanley

The notion that someone might be ashamed of being descended from a Confederate soldier is jarring, to say the least.


4 01 2011
Susan Evelyn McDowell Cole

Perhaps. I have just discovered that I am a direct descendant of Ephraim McDowell M.D., who was the doctor who removed the first ovarian tumor and practiced medicine in Kentucky, which was a slave state. Ephraim McDowell died in 1830 before the Civil War but his grandson General Irvin McDowell served as a Union general.

I grew up in New Jersey. My grandsons are half Navajo. My grandmother’s second husband on my mother’s side was a Sioux Indian. So I never got the whole race thing. But I did just finish reading April 1865 by Jay Winik and I loved the part where a homeless Robert E. Lee takes communion with a black church member at St Paul’s Episcopal Church in a very burned out Richmond, VA.

We are all people. We all count.

Susan Evelyn McDowell Cole


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