Civil War Times February 2011

15 12 2010

Inside this issue:


  • Ethan Rafuse and Ron Baumgarten each wrote in to comment on the Bonekemper McClellan article from the December 2010 issue.  For an expansion on Rafuse’s letter, see here.
  • Kevin Levin is criticized for “excusing” the execution of Colored Troops after the Crater – how bizarre is that?

Blue & Gray

  • Gary Gallagher challenges modern Civil War “PCness” and considers if perhaps the war was actually won in the east.

Field Guide

  • Our nation’s capital’s Civil War monuments

Collateral Damage (by your host)

  • The Jacob Weikert farm behind Little Round Top on the battlefield of Gettysburg.  I’ll have more on this later.


  • Garry Adelman and the Center for Civil War Photography


  • Judging George Custer – Stephen Budiansky
  • Lee to the Rear – R. K. Krick
  • Hell on Water (slave ships) – Ron Soodalter
  • Lee’s Armored Car (rail mounted guns) – David Schneider
  • Super Spy from Wales (Union agent Pryce Lewis) – Gavin Mortimer


  • Civil War Citizens: Race, Ethnicity and Identity in America’s Bloodiest Conflict – Susannah Ural (ed.)
  • The 111th New York Volunteer Infantry: A Civil War History – Martin Husk
  • American Civil War Guerilla Tactics – Sean McLachlan
  • The Lincoln Assassination: Crime & Punishment, Myth & Memory – Holzer, Symonds, Williams (eds.)
  • At the Precipice: Americans North and South During the Secession Crisis – Shearer Davis Bowman
  • Recollections of War Times: By an Old Veteran While Under Stonewall Jackson and Lieutenant General James Longstreet – by William McClendon
  • The Grand Design: Strategy and the U. S. Civil War – by Donald Stoker (see his interview here)



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11 01 2011
The Jacob Weikert Farm « Bull Runnings

[…] Weikert Farm 11 01 2011 The February 2011 edition of Civil War Times magazine (previewed here) includes my Collateral Damage article on the Jacob Weikert farm south of Gettysburg, just […]


27 01 2011
Martin Husk

Is there any way to get a copy of the February edition of Civil War magazine? I tried my local big chain book stores and they have already moved on to the March editions. I ask because my book on the 111th New York was reviewed in the February edition.

Martin Husk


27 01 2011
Harry Smeltzer

Hey Martin,

Yes, I know your book was reviewed because I wrote the review. I think you can get back issues from the publisher – they list that in each magazine. But you might also check second hand bookstores. The review published was actually written for a review in brief column. It’s very ummm, brief.


28 01 2011
Martin Husk

Hey Harry,

Thanks for the information and I hope you enjoyed the book. My publisher is trying to obtain the February edition as they like to have copies of any and all reviews of their books. They have contacted the magazine directly.

Really enjoy the site!



16 05 2011
Phil Tanner

Jacob Weikert is my great, great Grandfather. His daughter Amanda is my great Grandmother. Amanda’s sister was a friend of Tillie Pierce. Tillie stayed at the Weikert farm during the battle of Gettysburg and describes the events they saw vividly in her (Tillie’s) pamphlet. Would enjoy very much to make a contact with anyone connected to the Weikert Farm. My grandfather, Earl Hartzell, was born and raised in Darke county, Ohio (Beamsville). He was the oldest of Amanda’s 3 sons.


19 02 2012

To Phil or anyone else in the Weikert family…..I am descended from Jacob Weikert as well. Emanual was Jacob/Sarah’s child who married Maria Shriver, who gave birth to Rebecca Weikert, who married Daniel May. Daniel and Rebecca had Leah May…my great grandma. Leah and Elmo Berry had Eva May Berry…my grandmother. Eva gave birth to my Mom Janice. I have not been to the Weikert farm, would love to one day. Does anyone know who currently owns the home? Thanks for any replies!


30 05 2013

I am a descendant of emanuel as well. I recall reading about Rebecca. She died young, I believe. Beautiful epitaph on her grave stone in Gettysburg. Get back to me, may have more info for you


10 05 2014
diane weikert

Hi Phil, Jacob weikert is my gg grandfather as well. My ggrandfather is emanuel weikert. would like to hear more about your ggrandmother.


31 05 2013

Hi Gramme, since my original post I was able to locate the farm and exchanged email with the new owners. I plan on visiting the farm and burial sites one day. The new owners said there were over 5000 decendants, so kind of mind blowing when you stop to think that it all began with just two people! They have turned the makeshift hospital into a store. I look forward to a trip up there!


3 01 2014
diane dolan

I found a picture..seems like it belonged to Leah May . 3 children marshall 12, eva 10, and Dolan 6. Several years ago…I read that the boys Marshall and Dolan had lived in Minnesota.


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