Winfield Scott’s “Operational Art”

2 12 2010

Dmitri Rotov has this interesting series going on Winfield Scott that looks at what Dmitri calls Scott’s “first two offensives” from a slightly different angle.  Check it out.



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3 12 2010
Susan Evelyn McDowell Cole

Does anyone know if the Rev. Winfield Scott who founded Scottsdale, AZ is related to the Supreme Commander Winfield Scott? They look alike and I found a genealogy on the Rev. Winfield Scott that says he had an uncle named Winfield Scott. The librarian and I pulled every book in the rare book room trying to find out and could not say for sure.

The Rev. Winfield Scott was a Baptist Minister who served as an Army Chaplain during the Civil War. He bought the land just south of what is Fort McDowell amd developed it into the town of Scottsdale. Rev. Scott was serving at Angel’s Island (Now the other Fort McDowell) so he sent his brother George Scott to be the first resident. The original proposed name was Orangeville because of citrus tree production but was later changed to Scottsdale.

Considering how close General Irvin McDowell and Winfield Scott were, it seems likely that that General McDowell sent the Rev. Winfield Scott to help develop the Arizona territory but I can not prove it.

Susan Evelyn McDowell Cole


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