More on that Logo

3 11 2010

Here’s another article about the above 150th Anniversary Manassas logo and the artist who designed it.

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5 responses

3 11 2010
Rick Allen

I think it’s a more than decent looking logo.

9 11 2010
Mannie Gentile


Evocative of nothing, save poor taste.

Tastefully yours,


19 01 2011
A Guy

I wonder if Mannie Gentile could elaborate a bit, on why he considers the Manassas 150th logo is in poor taste, specifically? Subject matter in general? Execution? Style? Truly interested.

Many thanks,


10 11 2010
Harry Smeltzer

Both of these fellas, whom I know personally, are somewhat “artsy.” Which just goes to show, “to each his own.”

21 09 2011
Mannie Gentile


That was a very mean-spirited remark, which I do regret, and apologize for.

Mannie Gentile

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