Four Years Blogging

2 11 2010

Bull Running’s first post was made this day in 2006.  Titled Patience, it asked everyone for a little time to get things up and running, explaining that the project was a work in progress.  That still applies, by the way.

I won’t belabor my stats.  They are up considerably from the prior 12 month period.  A lot of that increase was due to a strange occurrence regarding my son’s essay An 11-Year-Old on Abraham Lincoln.  The photo that accompanied that post was for two months the number one Google image search result for Abraham Lincoln!  Therefore I had about a 150% increase in viewership over that period, and my son’s post is now the number one most viewed page all time on this site.  Exclusive of that, it looks like I’m up about 10%.

This blog has been a really wonderful thing for me.  In addition to the outlet it provides, I believe my professional writing opportunities are a direct result of Bull Runnings; my four speaking engagements coming up in 2011 wouldn’t have happened without it; I’ve had the opportunity to virtually meet some fine folks via the comments feature, emails, and the general Civil War blogging “community”; I continue to learn more about First Bull Run in particular and the Civil War in general; and I think my writing is getting more better gooder.

So thanks for stopping by to see what I have to say.  With any luck next year will see me get back on track posting to the resources section of the site.  I hope you’ll stick with me for year #5!

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10 responses

2 11 2010

Happy Fourh Blog Anniversary! Long may you blog. :)


2 11 2010
Dick Stanley

Congratulations, Harry, on the Big Four. And for Abraham Lincoln as a top draw.

Mine, on my four plus year but strictly personal blog, is less respectable, a bikini shot of the French pop singer Alizee. ;-)

My Knoxville and 13th Mississippi blogs are still infants so it’s hard to tell yet but they won’t ever be featuring Ms. A.


2 11 2010
Craig Swain

Congrats, Harry. And I think the word you were looking for is “good-ly”


2 11 2010
Jimmy Price

Congrats Harry!

Here’s to many more years of fine blogging (and to the Pirates breaking .500 within our lifetimes)!


2 11 2010
Terry Johnston


Congrats. Looking forward to more gooder stuff in the future.


2 11 2010
Chris Evans

Congrats! Look forward to many more posts in the future.


3 11 2010

Congratulations and thanks for taking the time to blog, Harry.


3 11 2010

Congrats, Harry! I greatly enjoy your blog and look forward to more posts. (And we need to get you to Winder one of these days!)


4 11 2010
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks everybody!


5 11 2010
Susan Evelyn McDowell Cole

Long may you blog Harry!

Susan Evelyn McDowell Cole


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