Lucky Me!

20 10 2010

These just in – my new library stool, custom-made by everybody’s favorite park ranger and all-around renaissance man, Mannie Gentile.  Mannie has a woodworking shop all set up on his property from which he turns out a number of cool items.  I saw this post and just had to have one.  I wanted a themed stool, and thought of crossed Stars and Stripes and First National flags.  But before I made that suggestion, Mannie came up with the idea of first sergeant stripes.  I felt artillery red would look best on the wood finish – baby blue infantry didn’t seem like it would pop enough (or maybe too much), and cavalry yellow was out of the question because a) it’s cavalry and b) it’s cavalry.

I can’t wait until I pick this baby up in two weeks.  What do you all think?  Click the thumbs for larger images.  More photos here.




4 responses

21 10 2010
Dayton Henceroth

I’m psyched about the stool! Surely a nice addition to the library. By the way how big is your library??


21 10 2010
Harry Smeltzer


In terms of room and shelf space, not big enough! I’m creeping up on 2,000 Civil War volumes. That will sound like a lot to some, not many to others.


21 10 2010
Chris Evans

Excellent! Very Cool looking!


22 10 2010
Dick Stanley

You need a Kindle. Heh.


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