Lucky Me!

20 10 2010

These just in – my new library stool, custom-made by everybody’s favorite park ranger and all-around renaissance man, Mannie Gentile.  Mannie has a woodworking shop all set up on his property from which he turns out a number of cool items.  I saw this post and just had to have one.  I wanted a themed stool, and thought of crossed Stars and Stripes and First National flags.  But before I made that suggestion, Mannie came up with the idea of first sergeant stripes.  I felt artillery red would look best on the wood finish – baby blue infantry didn’t seem like it would pop enough (or maybe too much), and cavalry yellow was out of the question because a) it’s cavalry and b) it’s cavalry.

I can’t wait until I pick this baby up in two weeks.  What do you all think?  Click the thumbs for larger images.  More photos here.