Update: Bull Runnings Facebook Fan Page

26 07 2010

After one week up and running, the Bull Runnings Facebook Fan Page (honestly, I have no idea what the link to the page is) has 105 followers.  Most of them are my own Facebook friends who for whatever reason wanted to stay up-to-date with the blog (see here for why I set the page up).  But about 20% are folks with whom I am not familiar on that social network.

Thanks for the response – it has been greater than I anticipated and kinda-sorta makes me feel good.

War News: Blue & Gray in Black & White

26 07 2010

Brayton Harris has reissued his 1999 study of “the individual and collective efforts of newspaper journalists during the civil war,” and amended the title as War News: The Blue & Gray in Black & White: Newspapers in the Civil War.

In order to get the “full story” out to Civil War and other history enthusiasts. Mr. Harris has established this website that includes a couple of chapters from the book, the bibliography, and a few essays and articles.  Check it out.