Bull Runnings on Facebook

19 07 2010

I decided to set up a page for Bull Runnings on Facebook.  Up until now, I’ve been posting links to new articles here on my Facebook wall.  That means I’ve been bombarding all my Facebook friends with links on their home pages, even if they have no interest in the Civil War (yes, believe it or not there are people like that out there…lots of them, in fact).  With the new Facebook Bull Runnings page I’ll be able to post the links for people who are more likely to be interested.  If you’re a Facebook friend of mine, you should have already received an invite to “like” the Bull Runnings page.  And if you’re a Facebooker but not a friend, you can simply look up the page (it’s called Bull Runnings) and click “like” or “follow” or whatever it says there at the top.

I tried to set it up so that new posts automatically update to the page, but apparently I can only link between my blog and my personal wall, not the page.  So I’ll still be doing that manually.