Civil War Times, America’s Civil War, Blue & Gray

17 03 2010


Here are some highlights of the current issues of Civil War Times, America’s Civil War, and Blue & Gray magazines.

Blue & Gray, Vol. XXVI, #5

  • The General’s Tour is The Luray Valley Campaign of 1862, authored by friend Gary Ecelbarger.  Good stuff.
  • Wiley Sword delves into the machinations behind the writing of Hardee’s Tactics in the 1850’s.
  • J. Michael Martinez relates personal stories of Union prisoners in the Florence Stockade.

Civil War Times, April 2010

  • Peter Cozzens on an 1879 interview with James Longstreet
  • William Marvel interprets the Gettysburg Address
  • Kevin Levin reviews Confederate executions.
  • Alan Gauthreaux writes on the fighting for Baton Rouge.
  • Michael Panhorst on the Battle Monuments at Manassas (I wrote about them here).

America’s Civil War, May 2010

  • Jeffrey Maciejewski on the Crater
  • Ron Soodalter on Confederate terrorists/partisans
  • Robert Mitchell on the Underground Railroad
  • Edward Longacre on Joe Wheeler
  • Patricia Curtis on Civil War Brooklyn
  • Note: This issue marks the last installment of Smeltzer’s Six-Pack.  It was fun while it lasted. (I will still be doing short previews of new releases for ACW).

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