The Differences Slavery Made

16 03 2010

Edward Ayers is at it again.  Check out this interesting project.  Be sure to click on the “Presentation” view to get some background on the history of digital history.  You might be surprised by just how long people have been thinking about it.

I dabble in hyperlinks.  I tried in my own ham-handed way to expand their use in my transcription of John Hennessy’s article on the “naming” of Stonewall Jackson.  Potentially I could use hyperlinks to connect references in after action reports to the AARs of others (I’ve done so on occasion), and in and between other entries in the resources section.  But that’s a whole lot of work.  I wish there was an easier way – there probably is, but I’m afraid I’m not equipped for it.  But you can see the potential.  Instead of a footnote that tells one where to look, a hyperlink grabs you by the hand and takes you there.  An added benefit is that this makes it a lot more difficult for an author to “shine you on” by citing something that really doesn’t support what he’s saying.  It takes the reader behind the curtain, so to speak.  Try to find a book that can do that.

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