Chickamauga Tour

14 03 2010

Here’s an article on friend Dave Powell’s most recent tours for the Chickamauga Study Group, which are held at the battlefield annually in cooperation with the NPS and park historian Jim Ogden.  These tours have been well attended, though unfortunately not by me.  I did have the opportunity a few years ago to spend a couple of days on the field there with Dave, and have heard very positive reviews from others who have attended this series.  If you get the chance next year, don’t pass it up.  There’s also a video in the link above, and you can see Dave a couple of times during Ranger Ogden’s voiceover.   That’s Dave on the right in the Chattanooga Times Free Press photo above, standing quietly and carrying a big stick.

UPDATE: See here for Dave’s recap of the tours.

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4 responses

14 03 2010
Terry Johnston


I don’t have a “bucket list,” but if I did, I’d put attending one of Dave’s Chickamauga tours on it. I haven’t been to that battlefield for probably twenty years, and my that trip (my only one) was brief and rather uninteresting. I’m not sure there’s anyone out there who knows much more about that particular fight than Dave.


15 03 2010
Sam Elliott

I attended the second day, Harry, and as has been the case the past few years, the weather was miserable. Still, the program was as interesting as ever. Dave’s new map book has really made a very confusing battle much more understandable.


15 03 2010
Mike Peters


The trip was informative, fun and wet as ever. Hope to see you next March.

Mike Peters


16 03 2010
Dave Powell

Hi, Harry, thanks for the notice.:) The newspaper was a surprise; I guess the reporter found out about us online.

And yes, we had plenty of rain. I’m thinking of hiring out to end droughts.

We have plenty of great suggestions for next year, and I am already looking at a pretty good program.


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