Update #3 on “Letters” Citation Flap

22 12 2009

[This update updated at 3:00 PM 12/23/2009] It ain’t over yet.  See here  and here for yet more updates on the series of posts most recently updated here.  I think it’s settled that the “letterbook”, while in McClellan’s hand and in the LOC, is anything but a collection of letters, and in the absence of those original letters all that can be said about it is that it is a collection of McClellan’s impressions of some of the content of letters we may assume were written.  While I realize that some folks have made up their minds (some of those minds doubtless made up as soon as it was learned who was involved, regardless of what any of them was actually saying), do read the blogger’s latest posts: it’s obvious quite a lot of work went into them, and their arguments appear valid – even if you don’t approve of the writer or question his motives.  As far as I’m concerned I’m not going to be able to reach a decision one way or another until I hear from someone else who has attempted to track down what Prof. McPherson is saying can be tracked down, using his instructions – the citation – and nothing else (the blogger explains why it can’t be done, while the author states that it can).  Who’s up for it?

Part I

Part II

Part III

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7 responses

23 12 2009

I’m guessing it’s not coincidence that the Cool Hand Luke bit you posted is also the introduction to Guns-n-Roses’ “Civil War?”


23 12 2009
Harry Smeltzer

No, Dylan. That is a coincidence.


23 12 2009
23 12 2009
Update on “Letters” Citation Flap « Bull Runnings

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23 12 2009
Update #2 on “Letters” Citation Flap « Bull Runnings

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25 12 2009
Chris Evans

Great Clip! Always have loved as an actor Paul Newman and Strother Martin was one of the greatest character actors ever. They starred in five movies together. Their pretty hilarious in ‘Slap Shot’ together.


27 12 2009
Stephen Sears

Harry, you seem bemused by what has become a theater of the absurd. One last remark from me and I’m done with it. Whatever may be said of McClellan’s generalship, I consider him an honest and honorable man. When he writes that these are extracts from wartime letters he wrote his wife, I take him at his word. So I will continue to phrase it, “As McClellan wrote his wife, . . .” and I urge everyone one else to do the same. Credit my McClellan correspondence book or the LoC, as you prefer; you won’t be wrong in either case. When Dimitri Rotov publishes his magnum opus, he can do whatever he wants. Let us have peace.


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