Getting Them to Get It

17 12 2009

See this story of Columbus Bluejackets coach – and Civil War enthusiast – Ken Hitchcock’s difficulties in communicating with his young hockey team.  Seems like his problem is not unlike that of getting young folks interested in history.

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3 responses

18 12 2009
Mike Peters


We have considered getting Hitch to speak to our RT. But he lives in Canada during the off season & is too busy during the season.

Man we need some wins!

Mike Peters!


18 12 2009
Terry Johnston


I remember reading a few stories about Hitchcock’s Civil War interest while he was the head coach of the Flyers. I could be wrong, but I believe one of these mentioned that he even did some reenacting. Again, I could be wrong.

Re: his difficulty communicating with his younger players, it certainly might be a generational thing. But keep in mind that Hitchcock’s also one of those coaches (they can be found in any sport) who come with a short shelf-life. It might have something to do with personality, or style, or not being a so-called “players-coach.” But Hitchcock, and others like him, usually wear out their welcome (regardless of the relative youth of their players) in a couple of years. He did so in Philly, and he’ll likely do so eventually in Columbus.

All of which is not to say that he’s not a very talented guy.



18 12 2009
Steve Basic

Hitch was a reenactor in his younger days. Although I have yet to meet him, he did leave a couple of tickets for Pat Falci and myself last month when the Blue Jackets played at MSG. Which is when the team started their tailspin.

They are such a young team and am confident he will be able to turn around the situation in Columbus.



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