New Battle Blog on Petersburg

22 09 2009


Brett Schulte has announced his new project on the Petersburg Campaign, Beyond the Crater.  I’ve had it on my blogroll for a while, but was holding off an announcement until Brett was ready to go live.  Read his description as he can certainly do a better job on it than I.  I think it’s “I”.  Or is it “me”?  No, I think it’s “I” as in “I can”.  Anyway, check it out.

Map courtesy of NPS.



2 responses

22 09 2009
Phil L.

If I remember correctly, “I” is the correct usage since you’re comparing subjects. However…common usage is probably to just use “than me.”

Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to checking out the new website.


22 09 2009
Brett Schulte - TOCWOC

Thanks for helping me spread the word Harry. I appreciate the publicity!


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