Chickamauga Blog

14 08 2009

rocco-chickamaugaI’d say my friend Dave Powell has forgotten more about the Battle of Chickamauga than I know, but that would be faint praise indeed.  In addition to being a designer of classic war games, Dave has published several articles on the battle over the years, leads tours on the field every spring in partnership with the National Park Service, and is the author of the upcoming third installment of Savas Beatie’s Civil War Atlas series, The Maps of Chickamauga.  Dave has decided to enter the (sometimes) wonderful world of blogging with his own site, Chickamauga Blog.  You’ll find it on my Blogroll via the link in my header, along with a few other sites I’ve grouped as Civil War Battle Blogs.  These blogs are all more or less devoted to a single battle or campaign.  Like Bull Runnings and Battle of Kelly’s Ford (so far – I know of one more in the works), Chickamauga Blog will be a repository for research materials of various stripes.  I’ll let Dave describe it:

Here’s the deal. For a long time now, I have wanted to find a way to bring some of my Chickamauga material to the web. Research I’ve got, binders full of the stuff, in fact. Much of it is public domain, and a lot of it won’t ever really work in a book project – like, for example, the material I have collected on strengths and losses for each regiment who fought at Chickamauga. Eventually, I want this site to be the must-see location on Chickamauga on the web – the place to go for battle accounts, primary sources, analysis, and those odd bits that never seem to fit in anywhere else. So here goes.

Keep an eye on Chickamauga Blog.  It’ll be a good one.