Hits From Unexpected Sources

21 07 2009


Yesterday, my WordPress stats told me that someone visited Bull Runnings by following a link posted on this site.  As you see, it’s a blog that features Discussion of Late Triassic Paleontology and Other Assorted Topics.  “Hmmm”, said I, “what in the heck is Bull Runnings doing on this guy’s blogroll?”  So, I fired off an email, figuring at the very least it would make for a good blog post…as of yet, I have received no reply.  But I did find this post on Chinleana.   It seems that Mr. Parker’s (the host) great-great-great grandfather was a member of the 1st Connecticut Infantry at First Bull Run, and he has a number of his ancestor’s letters written prior to the battle.  I do hope I hear from Mr. Parker.  There’s a question concerning just who was in command of the regiment on the field that day, Col. Burnham or Lt. Col. Speidel – maybe these letters can shed some light.  Oh, and I have no idea if T-Rex lived in the late Triassic epoch.  I just liked the picture.



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21 07 2009
Will Hickox

As a former dinosaur-obsessed 7 year-old, I can tell you that you’re quite wrong, sir. Tyrannosaurus lived in the Cretaceous era. Otherwise, keep up the good work.


21 07 2009
Harry Smeltzer

I beg to differ – I clearly stated I did not know when T-Rex lived and in that I was quite correct!


21 07 2009
Brett Schulte - TOCWOC

You beat me to the punch Will! Dinosaurs are another passion of mine that I don’t have nearly enough time for at the present.


22 07 2009
Will Hickox

Right you are, Harry. In my eagerness to finally put all those hours of dino documentary-watching to some use, I misread your T-rex reference.

Brett, while paleontologists arguably lead a more exciting life (how many movies has Spielberg made about Civil War historians?) I just can’t work up the same intense interest in dinosaurs that I did as a kid, and which I long ago transferred to the study of history.


24 08 2009
Burnham’s Report « Bull Runnings

[…] ago, I happened upon a website maintained by paleontologist William Parker, which I described in this post.  An exchange of emails with Mr. Parker, a descendant of a member of the 1st CT, informed me of […]


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