America’s Civil War – September 2009

10 07 2009

ACW-Sept-09As the 150th anniversary of his raid on Harper’s Ferry approaches, the September 2009 issue of America’s Civil War features John Brown on the cover.  Inside, related articles include the cover story by Tim Rowland, a timeline of slavery in North America; a look at David Hunter’s struggle to raise the all black 1st SC Volunteers (to be commanded by Brown “conspirator” Thomas Wentworth Higginson) by Tom Huntingdon; and a recounting of VMI instructor Thomas Jackson’s role in the hanging of Brown at Charlestown.90th-PA

Fellow blogger Mannie Gentile contributed a nice article on one of the most interesting regimental monuments on any battlefield, that of the 90th PA Volunteer Infantry at Antietam (at right is a photo I took of the replica monument  not long after its dedication in 2004).  Check out Mannie’s essay on the historiography of George B. McClellan here.

Also in this issue: Jared Frederick on Altoona, PA’s loyal governor’s conference in 1862; Daniel E. Sutherland on Missouri guerrillas; and a convincing letter from Doug Garnett (no relation) in Canada refutes an earlier identification of a photograph of the elusive Richard Brooke Garnett.

My contribution in Six-Pack has five new books and one old,  Bruce Allardice’s Kentuckians in Gray is paired with Josie Underwood’s Civil War Diary, edited by Nancy Baird; John Schmutz’s The Battle of the Crater: a Complete History with Richard Slotkin’s No Quarter: The Battle of the Crater, 1864; and Invisible Hero: Patrick R. Cleburne by Bruce Stewart with 1997’s Stonewall of the West: Patrick Cleburne & the Civil War by Craig Symonds.



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10 07 2009
Drew Wagenhoffer

I am going through a proof of Waugh’s new book on Grant, and was surprised to find that Grant’s father worked for John Brown’s father for some period of time (maybe it has been mentioned before in the Grant bios but was news to me). Doesn’t really mean anything, just an interesting historical intersection.

I’ve been wondering about “Invisible Hero”. I’ve come across zero reaction to it beyond a single unhelpful review on Amazon. Since it was published by a univ. press I thought the Cleburne crowd would have something to say about it.


10 07 2009


I am also making my way through it and was struck by that very same point.


10 07 2009
America’s Civil War, Volume 22, Number 4 (September 2009) Posted | TOCWOC - A Civil War Blog

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15 07 2009
Chris Evans

I’ve been surprised to see no reaction to the new Cleburne book also. Look forward to any detailed reviews of it.

I’ve never really read about the Grant-Brown connection. I wonder if Lewis mentions it in his very detailed ‘Captain Sam Grant’.


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