Top(?) Ten List

29 06 2009

gettysb-lgI’m not a big fan of “Top Ten” or “Ten Best/Worst” lists.   But I guess a “favorite” list at least doesn’t pretend to be objective.  Brett Schulte at TOCWOC has asked a few of his fellow bloggers to join him in writing up their ten favorite books on Gettysburg, all to be posted around and during the anniversary of the battle.  Here’s a page set up by Brett to coordinate the whole project, where you’ll find a schedule of when each of our lists is to be posted on our sites.  My list is slated to go up on the morning of July 2 – this coming Thursday.  I’ve selected my ten books and will try to compose my post this evening – I don’t want to be influenced by what anyone else writes.  Click on the map thumbnail for a larger image, then click on that image for a ginormous one.