Civil War Times – August 2009

6 06 2009

CWI_August_2009Inside the August 2009 issue of Civil War Times:

An update on a West Virginia University graduate school project, overseen by Pete Carmichael, that will include a Podcast tour of the Shepherdstown battlefield.

An editorial by Gary Gallagher on two approaches to the study of the war, one dominated by “non-academic” and the other by academic historians.

A new feature on “Military Manuals of the Civil War”.  This first entry focuses on Dennis Hart Mahan’s “Outpost”.  (Frankly, I think far too much attention is given to the impact of Napoleon and Jomini on antebellum West Point cadets, and far too little to that of the man through whom their actions and writings were filtered.)

This issue’s Field Guide on Chattanooga.  I’m working on one on First Bull Run for an upcoming issue.

An article on nine-month Union enlistment strategy by William Marvel.

Gettysburg Ranger Eric Campbell writes on the destruction of the Union 3rd Corps at Gettysburg, and follows that up with a collection of letters by gunner Augustus Hesse of Bigelow’s 9th MA Battery and a two page spread of artillery artifacts.

An extract from Ron Soodalter’s book on the only American sea captain executed for transporting slaves, Hanging Captain Gordon.

Timothy B. Smith, author of Champion Hill: Decisive Battle for Vicksburg, takes a look at Confederate General William Loring after the battle.

This issue’s featured Lincoln image is Abe as 1865 gym teacher, complete with buzz-cut: