Horn Tooting

2 05 2009

I need to thank a couple of folks for spreading the word.  Kevin Levin notes in this post that he is including Bull Runnings in a top ten Civil War blogs list he was asked to compile for Blogs.com: The Best in Blogs.  And on the May 1 episode of Gerry Prokopowicz’s Civil War Talk Radio, guest Dana Shoaf, editor of Civil War Times and America’s Civil War magazines, mentioned the blog as one he reads regularly (thanks to Brett Schulte for bringing this to my attention in this post).

Thanks, Kevin and Dana.

UPDATE: Brett at TOCWOC has put up his own top ten CW blogs list, and was nice enough to include Bull Runnings on it.  Thanks Brett.  I think before my head gets too big to fit through my door I should point out that I realize that any top ten/hundred/thousand/million list is going to be the product of the person compiling it, and a reflection of personal preference.  Still, without going all Sally Field on you, it’s nice to know at least three people appreciate what I’m doing here.