Notes on Co. K, 10th VA Memoir

1 04 2009

Notes on Co.K, 10 VA in the Campaign, from contributor Robert Moore:

Casualties of Co. K, (“Page Volunteers”) at First Manassas


John Ambrose Comer

James H. Gaines [the soldier who did the rooster imitation]

John W. Kite [“his dying words were ‘Boys, I am gone, go ahead, save the country!’”]


Lt. Daniel T. Fagan

Cpl. Trenton O. Graves [seriously wounded in the knee while in the act of giving a dying comrade (John W. Kite) a drink of water]

James H. Cubbage [wounded in left thigh, later discharged]

[John W. Kite is a distant – 1st cousin, 6 times removed – relative of mine. Also, the photocopy I have of this account becomes poor at the end, but it appears that the author’s initials are either B.C.B. or R.C.B. If R.C.B., this would be Robert C. Bragonier, a native of Shepherdstown, Va/WV and member of Company C, not Co. K. Nonetheless, he was quite familiar with the men of Co. K and resided in Page a good part of his life after the war and was a member of the Rosser-Gibbons Camp, UCV in Luray. He died in Luray in 1904 and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Shepherdstown.]



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1 04 2009
Co. K, 10th VA in the Campaign « Bull Runnings

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2 04 2009
The Page Volunteers (Co. K, 10th Va. Inf.) at First Manassas « Page County Confederates

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1 10 2009
john phillips

My ggg-uncle,Daniel Cullers,was killed at First Manassas.He was only 18 years old and was the son of Daniel Cullers Sr. of Fort Valley,Page County.I do not know which unit he served with,but always believed it to be part of the Stonewall Brigade.Also,I believe that John H Gaines was the brother of my gggrandmother Mary Ann Gaines Phillips. I am interested in learning more about these two men and First Manassas. Thanks john phillips


1 10 2009
Harry Smeltzer


I’ll let Robert Moore know that you’re looking for the info, and maybe he’ll respond here.


2 06 2016
Eric Atkins

Hello John, he was also my ancestor. You are correct, he was a member of the 33rd VA Inf, Co K (Shenandoah Sharpshooters). More than likely he was killed as the Stonewall Brigade charged and captured a Federal artillery piece.

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4 06 2016
j. phillips

Good to hear from you. How are your parents? We were sorry to hear about Eva. You do know that James Morgan Phillips was part of the 10th. Feel free to contact me for any help I can provide with the family history.


25 10 2017
Eric Atkins

Hello John. It would be great to get together and talk about our family history sometime. Please let me know if you are ever in the Valley. Concerning James, I have located his gravesite in Elkton. The stone is in pretty bad condition.

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2 10 2009

Mr. Phillips,

While a southern point of entrance to Fort Valley is had via Page County, Fort Valley itself is in Shenandoah County. He doesn’t appear in the 1860 census for Page County and I think the enlistment information for Daniel Cullers suggest that he resided in Shenandoah rather than Page. He did not enlist in a Page County company, but in Co. K, 33rd Virginia Infantry. Co. K of the 33rd which was from Shenandoah County (the company was called “Shenandoah Sharpshooters”). He had only enlisted 16 days prior to his death at Manassas. That said, however, there were Cullers men [Eli, Isaac, James, James C., James H., John C., Joseph Beddinger, Joseph L., Robert Milton, and William Henry] in Page County companies, but many of them were from points north of Luray, including Hope Mills, Cedar Point, and Rileyville.

Though there were Gaines family members [Isaac, James H., John (who served in the Dixie Artillery, and later the Purcell Battery), and William E., the last three being all sons of William Edward Gaines and Elizabeth Shotwell] in companies from Page County, John H. Gaines is not among the list. In all likelihood, John H. Gaines is John Hopkins Gaines of Co. H, 10th Virginia Infantry. Company H was from Rockingham County and Shenandoah counties and was known as “Chrisman’s Infantry.” He was born in Rockingham County on 5/4/1842, listed as having a fair complexion, dark hair, dark eyes, and 5’11.” He enlisted in Harpers Ferry on 5/24/61 as a private. He was captured at Gettysburg on 7/3/63 and sent to Ft. McHenry, Md., and later (in the same month) moved to Ft. Delaware, De., and eventually (10/63) to Pt. Lookout, Md. He was exchanged 2/18/65 and paroled on 5/65 in Staunton, Va. He died 5/6/80 in Chrisman, Va.


Robert @ Cenantua’s Blog


31 12 2010
The Civil War… “through the eyes of my people” « Cenantua's Blog

[…] Grays) bore most of the brunt, while Co. K (Page Volunteers), 10th Virginia Infantry (see here, here, and here), saw some losses that day as well. I’m of the opinion, that because of their […]


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