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9 03 2009

stampI left a comment on this post on Civil War Memory, which prompted a comment on this post here, and as a result I’ve found another Lincoln blog called The Abraham Lincoln Observer.  I read a few of the articles and dig Mike Kienzler’s unpretentious style.  The blog gives a “Springfield-centric review of Lincoln in popular culture”.  Check it out – I’ve added it to the blogroll.

I received my copy of Burlingame’s Abraham Lincoln: A Life a couple weeks ago, but the spine on Volume II had come loose.  I debated fixing it myself, but decided to opt for Amazon’s surprisingly easy return/exchange option.  It took me a little while to figure it out, because at first it seemed that my only option was to return the book and re-order it, which would have cost me a few bucks because of a change in Amazon’s price.  But it turns out they’re sending me a new set and I have 30 days to return my other one.

UPDATE 3/10: I received my replacement volumes today – exact same problem, exact same volume.  Does anybody out there know how to get hold of Amazon to adress this issue?  I don’t want to keep returning these in the hopes of getting a good one.  I’m a wee bit ticked off.



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9 03 2009
Drew W.

You’re not alone with the defective set. I’ve noticed several complaints online about the shoddy binding. I suppose ensuring that the text block doesn’t sag on a 1,000+ page book is difficult enough (we’ve all seen various levels of that with our ‘big’ books), but a spine separation after little to no use is inexcusable at any price level. Hopefully, your replacement set will be much better!


10 03 2009
The Abraham Lincoln Observer

Harry: Thanks. I’ve add Bull Runnings to my lincs (clever spelling, eh?) as well. I’m looking forward to reading you more often.


13 03 2009
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks Mike. I’ve moved my links from the sidebar to a separate page you can access on the toolbar in the banner.


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