One More Thing on the Map Book

21 02 2009

Ted Savas tells me he is considering publishing softcover versions of the Atlas books – in addition to hardcovers – that will be spiral bound with coated pages.  The book would come with a grease pencil that you could use to take notes on the map pages (say, in the field).  The pages could be wiped clean later.  Due to restrictions of the larger bookstores and Amazon on spiral bound volumes, this edition would be available only through Savas Beatie or the NPS bookstores.  “Bundling”  with the hardcover (that is, selling them both as a package) is also a possibility

That sounds pretty cool to me: what do you think?

Also, a tour guide was cut out from the Maps of First Bull Run, but will be made available on line.  I don’t know if such is the intention for any other books in the series.



4 responses

21 02 2009
Brett Schulte


If given the choice, I would definitely buy the package deal. I’m incredibly anal when it comes to my books, so if I ever wanted to take a battlefield guide book “into the field”, I’d have to buy another copy to make sure I had a new looking copy. Savas-Beatie’s solution is a nice one, and it doesn’t surprise me. Ted Savas seems to have a knack for thinking outside the box and trying to differentiate Savas-Beatie from other publishers. He has largely succeeded.


21 02 2009
Brad Davidson

I would go for the package deal too.


21 02 2009
Chris Evans

That is a very interesting idea. I am the same way about my books getting bent out of shape. I try to make sure they don’t get dinged up and something like the idea of a spiral book would be much easier to lug around.


22 02 2009
Larry Freiheit

Coice of one of the two would be good for me.



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