Ranger Greg Coco

12 02 2009

Ranger Greg Coco

In this post I wrote about a short walking tour I took at Gettysburg this past August, led by Ranger and prolific author Greg Coco.  I noted in that post that Mr. Coco offered an unusually candid and humanistic narrative as he led our group to the Widow Leister house and The Angle, admonishing us all to take time to think of all the good things we have, and not to focus on the negatives.”  Later that day, after the tour, I heard from a friend that Mr. Coco was very sick with cancer.  That news cast the things he said that day in a different light.  I chose not to write about that, because I really didn’t know the man and wouldn’t discuss his health on a public forum.  I find today that Greg Coco passed away early yesterday morning.  I have not been able to track down an obituary online.  A memorial service is scheduled at the Gettysburg NMP Visitor’s Center this coming Saturday at 4 pm.


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