2 01 2009

acw309The new (March 2009) issue of America’s Civil War magazine is out.  The cover is graced by the image of that warm and fuzzy Confederate Lieutenant General Braxton Bragg.  The January issue featured the always polarizing Nathan Bedford Forrest on the cover, which resulted in some angry letters to the editor in the March issue.  I think editor Dana Shoaf (or his staff) did a fine job in responding to those,  and doubtless left at least one of the letter-writers feeling ignorant, stupid, racist – maybe even all three.  Good going, editors!

Also in this issue, on pages 68 & 69, is my new column, Smeltzer’s Six-Picks.  I’m not sure if that’s what it will be called in the next issue.  And that’s my picture in the upper left hand corner of page 68.  You can see my Penn State cap, but my Nittany Lion football jersey got cropped out.  So now you all know what I look like, and also why I don’t post photos of myself here.  In the column I provided brief, informational reviews on four new releases, and also hipped readers to a couple older titles that are related to two of the new books.  That’s the general format I’ll be following for as long as the magazine thinks it’s a good idea.  Let me know what you think.

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7 responses

5 01 2009
Susan Sweet

Harry I enjoyed your reviews in the magazine. Good to see what Harry looks like . I will add a couple of the books to my reading list.

I read those two letters to the editor and wondered if they thought the magazine should only print Union articles. Makes it kind of one sided.
Keep up the good work.
Susan Sweet

5 01 2009
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks, Susan.

5 01 2009
Robert Moore

… and by golly, I ran out to my favorite news stand today and grabbed my copy. Overall, some interesting stuff Harry. However, I’m shocked to see you didn’t wear something to do with the Steelers! Robert

5 01 2009
Harry Smeltzer

Considering the result of the Rose Bowl, maybe I should have worn Steelers gear. Maybe for the spring I’ll send them a picture of me in my Pirates hat.

6 01 2009

Harry, I read the article last night. Thought your picks were interesting. I actually found it comforting that someone of your standing would mention Boatner’s book. I’ve kept a copy of the book handy for years, just for the reasons you mention. Nice handling of the books flaws!

Definately Pirates hat for the spring. Go “retro” with the old pillbox hat with horizontal stripes, circa 1977.


6 01 2009
Harry Smeltzer

Someone of my standing? To paraphrase Arthur’s butler, one usually must go to a bowling alley to meet a man of my stature.

I’ve picked my six-pack for May. Three old, three new this time.

I don’t look good in the mustard jar hat. Not that I look good in any other hat.

11 01 2009
Leftwich’s Gun Crew’s Rebuttal « Bull Runnings

[…] For instance, Joe Johnston’s report claims 6,000 Confederates held off 35,000 Yankees at Bull Run.  Other reports make similar assertions.  And the myth that the Confederates were significantly out manned at Bull Run persists, showing up as recently as Joseph Glatthaar’s General Lee’s Army (see here and here).  And a new Lost Cause publication states that the Rebels faced the largest army ever assembled on the North American continent up to that time: true, but the book fails to mention that they did so with a force that came in a very, very close second.  I’ll be reviewing that book in the next installment of America’s Civil War’s Six-Picks. […]

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