Other Bull Run Projects

30 11 2008

You’ll notice on my Civil War Blogroll and Links List two sites with the same name, First Bull Run.com.  Both sites are maintained by the UK’s Jonathan Soffe.  Jonathan has decided to separate his blog and his data compilation website.  The latter has been around a long while, longer than my site, and includes Orders of Battle down to company levels.  Johnathan has graciously permitted me to incorporate his research into my own OOBs, and I’ll be doing that gradually.  Johnathan will be listed on the OOBs as a contributor – currently I have listed only Jim Burgess of the NPS, whose name you’ll find at the bottom of the Artillery OOBs.

Johnathan’s blog just launched today.  He has set up the blog as a place “for users to share comments and information about the content of the [Bull Runnings.com web]site.”

Check both the blog and the website out when you get a chance.