More on the “New” Wheat Photo

20 10 2008


Here’s an update to this post about the “new” ambrotype of Rob Wheat.  The owner of the photo and author of the CWT article, Mike Musick, left the following comment:

Thanks for your interest in the picture, and observations. Love that shot from Seinfeld. The “new” photo, as it appears in the article and blog post, is in reverse. When it’s “flipped,” the similarities in appearance to the known portraits is somewhat increased.

I exchanged a few emails with Mr. Musick and learned that quite a few folks whose names you’d recognize agree to varying degrees that the fellow in the photo is Wheat.  In the interests of full disclosure, a couple names you’d also know aren’t so sure.  The original photo, which is not reversed and does not have a frame, was sent to me last December by a mutual friend, and I’ve been sitting on it since then.  Mr. Musick has graciously granted permission to show it here.



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21 10 2008
Kevin Coy


Can you put the photos together again? When examining photos the ears are going to be the truth-teller. Ears are like fingerprints. Are the lobes the same, i.e. connected, separated, etc. ? Does the lower part of the ear align to the same place with the nose/mouth on both photos (draw a line across the face). How about the eye alignment to the ears? And the eyebrows?


21 10 2008
Harry Smeltzer


For some reason, I’m having trouble doing that just now. I think that, unless Wheat’s face is asymmetrical, you should be able to do what you suggest with the side by side photos in the previouos post.

I should add that some very prominent individuals who are very familiar with these types of ID techniques have come down on the “This may be Wheat” side of the question.


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