News on the Writing Front

16 10 2008

I got some good news the other day:  my Reviews in Brief for America’s Civil War magazine are going to be rolled into a column with a new name and a slight format change.  Right now I review (in brief, mind you) four new releases for each column.  Beginning with the March 2009 issue, I’ll review up to four new releases in brief as before, but will add at least two additional books from my own shelves.  The key will be to choose books that compliment all, some or even just one of the four new books.  And that will be up to me.

This should be fun.  I’m looking forward to it.  Maybe not real writing, but closer to it.



5 responses

17 10 2008

A big congrats on the byline, Harry! Time to retire and write the War full time.


17 10 2008
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks, Brian. But I don’t think full time CW writing is in my future. It would be nice, though!


17 10 2008

Congrats, Harry, hope you have fun with it!


18 10 2008
Larry Freiheit

Congratulations. It should be interesting to add two books to help understand the four new ones as there have been many excellent but under appreciated or forgotten printed in the last 50 years or so.

Larry F.


19 10 2008
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks, Don and Larry.


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