Decking My Walls

20 09 2008

I’m hoping to get some stuff done this week, as work is very slow right now.  For one, I want to get that last eight foot shelf put up in my office, so I can get around to reorganizing my library.  I also need to make arrangements to frame a recently purchased print.  I may have mentioned this before, but I bought a copy of Don Troiani’s New York’s Bravest, which depicts the 69th New York State Militia and the 11th New York Infantry re-capturing the colors of the former regiment at Bull Run.  I’m not particularly fond of Troiani’s stuff: of the folks working in the ACW art arena these days I only really like Keith Rocco, and overall I find works from the late 19th & early 20th centuries far more appealing.  But the subject matter is what sold me.  Take a look (click on the picture for a larger image):



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17 01 2011

This is somewhat depicted in the diorama I made, involving the 11th, 69th and 14th NYSV. I think Don Troiani’s paintings on First Manassas are top notch. His is the only painting that depicts Jackson wearing his Mexican War hat at Bull Run, which I heard was more accurate then the kepi, but you would probably know that better than I.


18 01 2011
Harry Smeltzer

That’s some of the minutae I don’t really get into, but to hear (read) Troiani explain his reasoning it makes sense.


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