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17 08 2008

I’ve added a few links to my blogroll in the right hand column, so I should point out my criteria for linking.  Basically, I look for good writing on the American Civil War.  Whether or not I agree with a blogger’s opinion has nothing to do with my selection process.  If it’s well researched, well reasoned, and well written, I think it’s worth your time and recommend that you visit.  My one rule concerns the discussion of modern politics.  Whether or not I agree with the blogger’s modern political viewpoints is, again, immaterial.  If a blog to which I link regularly posts on modern politics, I’ll remove it from the blogroll.  The removal of the link is in no way a judgement.  I believe I have a responsibility to you readers to only direct you to blogs in which I think you’ll be interested, based on your interest in Bull Runnings – where discussion of present-day politics (and present-day religion) is strictly verboten.

With the approaching presidential election, some of the blogger’s to whom I link may be tempted to “enter the fray” with their opinions.  I read all these blogs pretty regularly via a feed reader.  They’ll be removed from the blogroll as political posts become, in my estimate, frequent – with no fanfare.



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18 08 2008

I’ll belay my planned series of posts where I champion George B. McClellan as a fine candidate for 1864 who would be most electable, given his decisive nature and work ethic…..


18 08 2008
Harry Smeltzer


Politics up until oh, say 1876 are OK for discussion here, and won’t get you booted from the blogroll!


9 01 2012
Blogroll Updates | To the Sound of the Guns

[…] wish to discuss the topic which shall not be named.  I’m not as draconian as Harry Smeltzer was back in 2008.  But I do reserve the option to de-list a blog where the writer would be better served in another […]


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