Medals of Honor Page

20 04 2008

I have a new page up on the right, Medals of Honor.  Right now it lists the names and units of the 13 soldiers awarded the medal for their actions at First Bull Run and Blackburn’s Ford.  Eventually I’ll post entries detailing those actions and will link to them on this new page.



2 responses

21 04 2008
Tom Clemens

As you know, my wife is a 20 year military veteran. One of the first of many corrections she has ingrained in me is that Medals of Honor, or any military decoration for that matter, are awarded, not won. There is no contest to win. It is a recognition of valor, not a contest to win. You get the drift. Thought I’d say something before somebody rips you for it. Maybe Medal of Honor Awardees?


21 04 2008
Harry Smeltzer

You’re absolutely right, Tom. A change has been made.


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