New WordPress Dashboard

5 04 2008


WordPress has blessed its users with an updated dashboard: that’s the NASA-like control panel that we use to manage our blogs, make posts, insert images and hyperlinks, etc…So far the reaction has been overwhelmingly negative.  That’s to be expected when something so integral to the day-to-day administration of a blog is significantly changed.  Think Coke/New Coke, WindowsXP/Vista, Word 2003/2007.  Right now my big problem is that when I copy over my text from Word – which I do so that I can manipulate my text font – I can no longer manipulate my text font.  Last night I could do it, but today the process for copying from Word has changed with the net result being that the font returns to this theme’s default font.  So there will be a little different look to my posts – no more clean Arial font – until WordPress addresses the issue, assuming they do.  They’ve also lost the spellcheck function, but since I usually compose in Word I should be OK.


General Nagle’s Sword

5 04 2008


Friend and Ranger John David Hoptak is moving ahead with his efforts to restore the statue of General James Nagle at Antietam.  He’s been missing his sword for some time.  You can read the story of Nagle here, and get info on how to help John at his blog.