20 03 2008

I don’t anticipate posting anything here for the next few days.  I’m taking a break due to March induced Madness.  I’ll be back next week.  Until Thursday rolls around, of course.

Proposed Power Plant

20 03 2008

Here is a blog post about a proposed power plant ½ mile from the Warrenton Pike-Sudley Road intersection.

To the Sound of the Guns looks like an interesting site, focusing on battlefield stomping and historical markers.  I’ll keep an eye on it and may add it to the blogroll.

A “New” Lincoln Blog

20 03 2008

lincoln.jpgSince Brian Dirck has discontinued his popular A. Lincoln Blog, I’ve added Geoff Elliott’s The Abraham Lincoln Blog to the blogroll at right.  I do a fair amount of Lincoln reading, and will be doing a lot more in the future, so I think it altogether fitting and proper to have our 16th president represented on the roll.