The Civil War in Cereal?

16 01 2008

Wow.  I really don’t know what to say about this.  It appears to be a blog dedicated to every kid’s (and old farts like me) favorite breakfast food.  Anyway, this latest is the fourth in a series that views the war from a, umm…, slightly different perspective: different from mine, anyway.  Check it out.  It’s probably best to start with the first post, then move on to the second, third and fourth (which puts an intersting spin on the nickname of one T. J. Jackson).

UPDATE: Part five now up!



2 responses

16 01 2008

Thanks a lot for the link… it’s the first time anyone has linked to my blog, ever.

Quite a thorough site you have here, too. I never realized people were so interested in First Bull Run. :)

Keep pouring that milk!


17 01 2008
Harry Smeltzer


Well then, I guess you’ll always remember me as your first! You might want to keep that under your hat – it will only bring you looks of pity…

Have to say I enjoy your site, if I don’t really understand it. Have you viewed the blog Cereal Killers yet? I found it in a fruitless search for images of Civil War cereal…


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