What the Heck was THAT???!!!

3 10 2007


Sorry about that flurry of activity.  I decided to make all of the ORs into posts instead of pages.  It makes the sidebar more manageable.  Just click on Official Reports Union or Confederate, and you’ll pull up a page with links to all the reports I’ve put on the site so far.  As I said before, there are well over 100 ORs for the battle.  Entering them as pages means they will all show up in the pages list to the right, which would take up a lot of space and clutter up the sidebar.

This is all due to my inability to understand websites and data bases.  If you remember, this blog was meant to document by building a Bull Run website with data bases, a la Antietam on the Web.  Instead, in an effort to compensate for my small brain, I am using WordPress as a poor substitute, essentially writing static pages.  I’m less than optimistic that I will ever understand cyberspace well enough from a technical aspect to do what I really want to do.



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