You Spin Me Right Round, Table, Right Round

10 08 2007




This musical interlude brought to you for no apparent reason, other than I have this song stuck in my head and can’t get it out and misery loves company. 

I have a round table presentation to give next Wednesday, the fifteenth, before my own group, the Western Pennsylvania Civil War Roundtable.  Tomorrow I plan on locking myself in my office to work on my PowerPoint.  The program will revolve around 12 maps of the campaign, with a main “thread” and one or two minor ones on individuals and/or events that tie to each map.




It’s been tough to prepare, because I feel like I haven’t spent much time working on the presentation.  But in fact I’ve spent a lot of time on it, because it all stems from things I’ve worked on for this blog.  I’ve outlined the program, and now it’s just a question of putting slides together and writing notes.  I don’t intend to read much text (other than direct quotes), but I need to have things like dates and such readily accessible.

The plan is for a very un-roundtable-like presentation…more conversational.  I’d like it to have a less formal feel, and will encourage on-topic questions during the presentation rather than waiting until the program is over.  I’m hoping for a more interactive experience.  It might irk traditionalists, but I’ll run the risk.



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11 08 2007
Teej Smith

Umm…interesting choice of music, Harry. Best of luck on your RT presentations. The RBCWRT is looking forward to your program in September.



11 08 2007
Steve Basic


For what it is worth, have had a couple of speakers here in NYC, most notably Pete Carmichael, who took the approach you are taking for your presentation, and it worked out well. Surprised me here as even the old “guard” enjoyed the interactive experience. Had no clue they liked anything. :)

Hope all is well.

Regards from the Garden State,



13 08 2007
Harry Smeltzer

Well, I finished up about 75 slides, and the notes for all of them as well. I still need to do two more maps (probably 5 slides with each + notes) and a conclusion. But the outline really helps – I guess my 10th grade composition teacher was right!

I’ll report on Thursday or Friday. The RT officers are taking me to a bar for dinner before the program. A few years ago that would have been a big mistake, but like Will Munny in “Unforgiven”, “I ain’t like that no more.”


13 08 2007

Good luck with the presentation, Harry.


15 08 2007
Chris Army


Is that a video of you during your “Hair Band” days????

Good luck on the presentation, I’m sure you’re going to do well!



16 08 2007
Harry Smeltzer

My thanks to all you well-wishers. Things went tolerably well, I think – at least no one threw anything at me. I’ll post a report later today or tonight. A nice crowd of about 60 braved a non-air-conditioned hall, and I can’t thank them enough for sitting through the whole thing and sticking around for the Q&A.


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